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    With our eyes on the future and protection of the environment and air, in 2010 we decide to expand our operations in the area of renewable sources of energy. Our motto is "The Sun gives no bills to pay". Initially, we concentrated on installing solar panels to heat water and support central heating systems. Those installations were largely subsidised by NFEP&WM. In order to save our customers a lot of time and involvement, we decided to take care of all the official issues for them.

    Among our customers were a number of those who wished to build photovoltaic installations in order to harness solar power. We rose to the challenge and completed several projects connected with photovoltaic systems.

    Moreover, we install hybrid lighting systems from streets, pavements, playgrounds, etc.

At present, we are in the process of finding customers interested in private photovoltaic installations, i.e. small private power stations generating power for their own needs.     This task is made easier with "Prosument" scheme introduced by The Sejm (the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament), thanks to which the customers may receive a 40% subsidy to their installation.

    As in the case of solar panels, we offer a far-reaching support in obtaining the subsidy for our customers.