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A protest in the case of wind turbines

    On 19 April 2015, we took part in a protest of the inhabitants of the village of Lekity in the community of Jeziorany against the location of large wind power generators (wind turbines) in the close vicinity of the existing buildings.

    The protest in Lekity was attended by The Borough Leader of Kurzętnik Wojciech Dereszewski along with the CEO of the Community Council Zbigniew Lewicki.

JANPOL was represented by CEO Jan Falkowski with staff members Artur Bartnicki, Benedykt Jankowski and Mirosław Przeradzki.

    The protest was broadcast live by TVP Olsztyn and the material was aired between 12:15 and 13:00.

    The representatives of JANPOL had no intention of protesting against wind turbines as such, as we promote all renewable sources of energy, including wind turbines.

    Our intention was to support the local community by indicating that everything should be done within reason. The latest studies show that large wind farms pose no threat to human health and safety if they are located no less than 1 kilometre from human settlements.

In case this is not possible, it is necessary to look for other solutions, such as photovoltaic panels, small biogas stations, small private wind power generators or solar collectors.

    Large wind power generators and wind farms should be located in areas where they will not affect the community and nature. We must not be hypocritical and claim to protect the natural environment by exploiting renewable sources of energy and harm it at the same time. This is not the idea behind the very concept of renewable sources of energy.

    The Borough Leader of Kurzętnik decided to take with him the mobile platform, with four renewable sources of energy installed on it, to demonstrate the existing alternatives to the wind turbines.

    Unfortunately, none of the investors was respectful enough to face the protesters and defend their visions, objectives and reasons behind their decision, which is a pity.