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Presentation the educational RSE platform to the Borough Leader of Kurzętnik

    On 16 April 2015 at 12:00, the Primary School in Brzozie Lubawskie, the Community of Kurzętnik, received the educational RSE platform, which was built by JANPOL on commission from the Borough Leader of Kurzętnik Wojciech Dereszewski.

    The event was covered by the media including TVP Olsztyn and Eltronik Brodnica.

    The official ceremony was preceded by The Ecological Competition with participation of the primary schools the Community of Kurzętnik. Eventually, everyone gathered in the school yard where the educational platform was officially presented by JANPOL’s CEO Jan Falkowski to the Borough Leader of Kurzętnik who symbolically cut the red-and-white ribbon.

    Following the ceremony, the gathering was addressed by The Borough Leader of Kurzętnik, CEO of JANPOL and the Headteacher of the Primary School in Brzozie Lubawskie, where the platform will be stored.

    The event was concluded by a brilliant performance by the students of the school in Brzozie Lubawskie who took turns to impersonate each specific component of the platform and explained both humorously and factually the operating principles of the RSE educational platform.

    The media coverage of the ceremony was broadcast in regional news by TVP Olsztyn on 16 April 2015 at 18:30.